2017 $25k Crabel Capital 60s Masters - Doubles

Doug Ditmer / Randy Berg vs.  Andrew Stanley / Rob Castorri

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  • Brent, I very much enjoyed this video and I’d like to see more. Interesting for me to see as these players are in my age group (but better), and I play all my inter-club matches on grass here in Western Australia. Very instructive and helpful.

    Chris Drew
  • Great to see such experienced players plying their craft on grass. So efficient, nice balance across the entire court, seeing all of it as a smooth form of transition, point-building. Keep ’em coming, Brent.

    Joel Drucker
  • I really enjoyed this. Brent, thanks for taking the time to edit it. I really like that punchy Ditmar serve. He puts a nice pace on the ball. This is the kind of tennis we want to play in our league play.

  • Brent,
    First seemed like Stanley was not playing as well as the others. Several times he barely moved into any position at all. I was also surprised at the number of service returns missed. I didn’t track percentages but backhand returns particularly seemed hit or miss. I would have thought a chip backhand would be more consistent and effective on grass. Hard to realize how tough the serves were but seemed like percentage returns back in play was low even for grass. 62% on first serves in seems low for 60s doubles unless you are really dominating with first serve. I would think percentage would be higher. Hard to tell on the screen here. Really like watching this these matches. Getting my competitive juices flowing.
    Randy Beerman

    Randy Beerman
  • I don’t see the deep, deep racket drop on the service motions that most internet how-to-get-power-on-your-serve videos emphasize.

    Is this because they learned to play in an earlier era, or is this a consequence of getting old. (I ask this because I’m 61 and I am having trouble developing a deep racket drop.)

    Frank Silbermann