2017 $25k Crabel Capital 60s Masters - Doubles

Doug Ditmer / Randy Berg vs.  Andrew Stanley / Rob Castorri

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  • I see them swinging hard at service returns, making way too many errors. Block the ball back low and come in!

    Michael Scarpitti
  • Pretty solid play, guys this is grass, very tough to play any other way. This is what good 60’s tennis looks like. These are some of the best guys in the country. Pretty harsh comments. Ditmer’s service return might be the best in the world for any senior age group in my opinion. Let’s give these guys more credit for having the talent and making the time commitment to get deep in tournaments. Give us more Brent.

    Mark Wagner
  • Poor net play, way too much poaching causing havoc. Very poor first serve percentages. At this stage, these guys should be hitting 97% first serves in. I can do it, why can’t these guys?

    Michael Scarpitti
  • I tend to notice lots of things about the players. First, three out of four of them have some sort of neoprene knee or ankle wrap. (now I don’t feel so bad) One played with a super sized racquet while one other played with an oversize.
    Here’s what I noticed about match play.(1.) EVERYONE serves and volleys. (2.) Serve percentages weren’t very high(62%) and when second serves were numerous, the server would lose. (3.) A considerable number of points were won with either the return of serve or the first volley; there weren’t a lot of long points. (4.) I don’t think there was one offensive lob. OK maybe one. (5.) There were few if any outright service return winners. Everyone seemed content with getting the ball in play. I’d say the return of serve was the highest percentage ball struck by EVERYONE.
    In the first set no team served over 70% which surprised me. (The all white clothing guy had one game at 80%)
    Another thing I noticed was that Stanley gave up too much room when he was the servers partner. He was practically playing the alley and that gave his partner WAY too much room to cover on the first volley.

    Brent, I love this as a teaching tool. Now, if you could just get out the telestrator ( to draw lines or circle areas) and use more commentary but don’t talk as much as GIMELSTOB (geez that guy can yack!).

    mark Brodeur
  • Great stuff to watch again today. Thanks so much for sharing. Looking forward to more.