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2017 Crabel Capital $25k Men's 60s Masters - SINGLES - Ross Persons vs. Maurice Hunter

This match was from the round robin portion of this tournament.

Both Maurice and Ross eventually qualified for the finals of the tournament.

That finals match will be posted in a day or two ...


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  • Thanks for a wonderful video. Beautiful control over many shots. Nice to whatch

  • Thanks for doing this Brent. I have trouble seeing at full speed but looks like Maurice was slicing all his serves (no pronation?). He used that choked-up grip to spin everything. This is one of the traits I find fun about tennis at this level, some very interesting shot making.

  • VERY different match compared to the final(previous match you sent to us). Hard for me to believe the guy with the blue shirt is over 60. He looks very young.
    Anyway, this was more of a grass court match than the final, which looked more like a clay court duel in the 1960’s between Rosewall and Emerson.
    I learned something though, approach up the middle on grass and make your opponent develop the angle.
    For me, I’d rather see more doubles. I’ve had to hang up the sneakers on hard court singles.

  • Hey Brent! How r u?
    Firstly, thanks for the initiative.
    Regarding the match, I have to confess that I was expecting a higher level of play.

    Agnaldo Reis
  • Thank you for identifying the players. It is interesting to see that even at this level, there are more errors than winners. For me (in the high 70’s group) doubles is the game, and I would like to see more doubles matches like yesterday’s match. To me, the dynamics’s of doubles is totally different. It feels like the placement of the shot must be closer to the intended spot, or you will be in trouble very quickly. I really like your what is the shot videos. The only trouble is that I can’t process that much information that quickly. It just tells me how far I need to progress my game. I stopped playing in 1980, and did not pick up the racket until 2002. The game has changed so much, that I had to relearn the game.