2017 Crabel Capital $25k Men's 60s Masters - SINGLES - Ross Persons vs. Maurice Hunter

This match was from the round robin portion of this tournament.

Both Maurice and Ross eventually qualified for the finals of the tournament.

That finals match will be posted in a day or two ...


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  • Hey Brent,
    I know the camera scrubs tons of speed off of the game. Just as point of reference what would you say these guys serving speed is. First serve?

    Kurt Menard
  • Brent,
    This match was more like what I would expect on grass. Maurice was taking control of the match and forcing Ross to go for more then he wanted to. I also liked the approach shots up the middle they both started doing a lot of in the middle of the match. I don’t recall anyone being passed when they approached up the middle. Something i need to do a lot more of.

    This was the aggression I would expect on grass. A lot more serve and volley and Maurice was approaching on a lot of second serve returns. It also looked like Ross was rushing to much. He started to get something going when he served and volleyed. He should have slowed down some and focused on getting his first serve in and coming to the net.

    I loved Huners game. Not only did he serve and volley and come in on second serves but he would come in behind his good shots forcing Ross to hit lower percentage shots.

    Great Match.

    Thanks Brent,
    Randy Beerman

    Randy Beerman
  • Again, I don’t understand why they miss so many first serves. Waste of time and energy.

    Not impressive at all.

    Michael Scarpitti
  • Thanks Brent

    I found myself able to read Ross Persons serve by the time of the second set. I think his main problem here was Ross never pushed Maurice Hunter back off the base line which made it easier for hunter to dictate and easier to getto the drop shots.

    One query, do you believe Maurice is giving away a lot with the choked up grip on all his shots ?