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2017 Crabel Capital 60s Men's Singles - Fred Robinson vs. Toby Crabel

Want to see more of these senior matches?
How about with some instructional commentary?
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  • First off, kudos for their fitness level. They both moved very well on a grass court. These were more like clay court points. As others have said but it bears repeating, I rarely saw anyone GO FOR a shot that was a bit low percentage. This is a master class of tennis that so few of us have. This reminded me of a Ken Rosewall type of match. Great movement, great balance and seemingly no apparent weaknesses. I have to say I loved watching Robinsons simple uncomplicated backhand. Solid as nails.

    mark B
  • Great match, seems like they both ran out of gas at the end. I would think that more aggressive play was needed by both players. A lefty getting everything back is also my nightmare. Thanks Brent for sharing.

    Ted M
  • It would nice if we knew which player is which. It is great to know that one does not have to hit the ball hard every time to win a point. The only problem with seeing this type of play, is that every think looks to be in slow motion. If I was on the court, the ball would look like it is going 100 mph.

  • Please keep posting these type matches, this is incredible stuff!

    Like has been said, I am surprised there isn’t more aggressive play. The movement from both is fantastic.

  • Brent,
    I enjoyed this much alot. It looked like Crable was hurt because of his lack of a slice forehand. Also thought he should have moved in more on his aggressive shots. At least 3 or 4 feet inside the baseline. Looked like he let Robinson get away with alot of half lob push points where Crable just stayed behind the baseline and reset the point.
    Randy Beerman

    Randy Beerman