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2017 Crabel Capital 60s Men's Singles - Fred Robinson vs. Toby Crabel

Want to see more of these senior matches?
How about with some instructional commentary?
Let me know down below in the Comments area.  Thanks in advance ...


  • Very accomplished players with excellent stroke production, consistency and all the shots…patient tactical play and waiting for an opportunity to attack seems to be best…entertaining and inspirational watching these guys compete…great stuff and thanks much Brent for posting these matches…Al

    Al Mueller
  • Very instructional. Patience during point construction, right shots at the right time resulting in amazing consistency, bulletproof attitudes. Thank you for sharing this Brent – very helpful. It was fun to see two contrasting styles of play go at each other!

  • Nobody is getting hurt if they hit to the opponent’s backhand. This looks a lot like 50’s Aussie tennis with topspin forehands. Kind of strange that on a fast low bouncing court, there are a lot of loopy shots and not much attacking. Ross in the previous match attacked more and used the surface better than either of these guys.
    Steady play is the rule for sure. Not many risks, not enough offense IMO for a grass court. Sort of clay court strategies.

    Major Dan
  • Thanks Brent. I think they go to the net at the right times. These guys have pinpoint passing shots and it’s difficult to be quick enough to cover them. Great tennis for both guys.

    Patrick Kelley Mission Hills

    Patrick Kelley
  • Great idea having coaches commentary to understand the strategies.