2017 Crabel Capital 60s Men's Singles - Fred Robinson vs. Toby Crabel

Want to see more of these senior matches?
How about with some instructional commentary?
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  • Thank you so much Brent. A left hander who keeps the ball in play. My worst nightmare. Have to give credit to Crabel for hanging in there the way he did. I loved the back and forth and way in which points were constructed. But I have to agree that there seemed to be many opportunities to take the net with well placed approach shots. They both seemed comfortable at the net – so I wonder why they hesitated. I’ve never played on grass but it seems to me that ball stays so low that it would make it difficult to get a great passing shot when the other player is at the net. But all in all a well played match.

  • Every point is crafted. No stupid attempts at unrealistic winners and few unforced errors. As far as I am concerned, it is a master class. Thank you for sharing.

    Ian Graham
  • Why don’t they go to the net?

    Michael Scarpitti