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2017 Crabel Capital 60s Men's Singles - Ross Persons vs. Chris Reynard

Question for you?

Do you want me to post more videos like the one above?

If so, what other instructional elements could I add that would be valuable for your game?

Just let me know in the Comments area below.  Thanks in advance ...


  • Yes, please. More of these videos. I learn a lot to see the experience and calmness of senior players on the tour.

  • Interesting and thanks for posting this, but this was a total mismatch. Ross looks 20 years younger than his age, is in shape and moves well. Chris is 20-30 lbs too heavy, his body is lumpy and his legs are not strong enough to support his body so he is off-balance on any shot that does not come right to his strike zone. A good diet and some squats are prescribed.
    Ross made it look very easy. He played consistent high-percentage shots knowing the court surface and his mobility worked together to make it an easy match. It looked like a walk in the park.
    My personal rant but grass is the stupidest surface to play on – almost nobody has any experience and the successful game is not necessarily one that translates to the surfaces normally played on. For me, it is just a novelty item.

    Major Dan
  • Hi Brent. Yes, keep posting matches. At least I can play vicariously. Good to see Ross and Chris play again after my absence from tournaments. Every day we are able to play again is another gift. And while we’re at it, why not keep improving through study, lessons, effort, and time? If not now, when?

    Scott Harper
  • Excellent. I enjoyed seeing this alot. I was very surprised at how few times the ball went over the net in a point. Average might have been two. I was surprised even though it was grass. Speed or quickness to get just one more ball back is huge.

    Randy Beerman
  • Really appreciated this video. Consistency seemed to reign. Would like to see doubles in the same format with some of your analysis added. Thank you

    Brenden Mckinney