2017 Crabel Capital 60s Men's Singles - Ross Persons vs. Chris Reynard

Question for you?

Do you want me to post more videos like the one above?

If so, what other instructional elements could I add that would be valuable for your game?

Just let me know in the Comments area below.  Thanks in advance ...


  • Thanks Brent
    Chris goes too big or too often to the short slice. Ross is just rock solid. Less lobbing than I expected,
    and some over head errors.
    Please post more, more doubles for sure.

    Ed O.
  • Hey Brett – this is just great stuff. Both players are playing a similar game to mine (or at least what I aspire to)..not 60 yet but getting there. What would their ntrp rankings be ?

  • Senior tennis – and for sure I am or at least was one – how come receivers are not 5 feet behind the service line taking the ball early – and if and when pulled wide why not sharply angled cross court returns – Jim

    Jim McLennan
  • It was good to see how they won their points without any particularly big shots, especially on the backhands.

    Martin Goddard
  • Thanks for posting Brent. I’d love to see more matches from the tournament, maybe some doubles?

    By the way, can you tell me who is playing on the court to the left during this match? Any chance there’s video to post of that match?

    Take care!