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Groundstrokes - Do These Two Things Every Time

Man.  Had a great workout this morning with my buddy Big O here in the desert.

I worked on two very specific things.

What to do when your opponent makes contact and what to do when you make contact.

Would love to read your comments, feedback, or questions in the Comments area after you've watched the video.

Make it a great day out there ;-)



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  • Again great tips , thanks. A lot of things in this short video but all so important ! I will try .

  • Great stuff, Brent. I once played a tournament match focused solely on a relaxed grip—played great—mentally exhausted after match. Here’s an expansion on your sound advice. Time your split step so the balls of your feet contact the court at the instant your opponent contacts the ball. Let that trigger two things: 1) your shoulder turn/racket into hitting position (the unit turn); 2) relaxing your grip.

    BJ Miller
  • I’m big on keeping the head still through contact. I refer to it as using “Fed Head” like Roger Federer does. I’ve heard that the head is about 30% of your total body weight so if you keep moving this around your in for a lot of miss hits.

  • Great reminders, Brent. Would be interesting to see which occasions are more likely to trigger relaxation than tightness. Either way, this too is something that can easily be practiced (if not perfected).

    Joel Drucker
  • I’ll keep this in mind. My first reaction when my opponent makes contact is to start running to get in position to return it. Sometimes I start before he makes contact. I need to slow down.