Groundstrokes - Do These Two Things Every Time

Man.  Had a great workout this morning with my buddy Big O here in the desert.

I worked on two very specific things.

What to do when your opponent makes contact and what to do when you make contact.

Would love to read your comments, feedback, or questions in the Comments area after you've watched the video.

Make it a great day out there ;-)



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  • I’ll keep this in mind. My first reaction when my opponent makes contact is to start running to get in position to return it. Sometimes I start before he makes contact. I need to slow down.

  • Very good reminders. I’ll work on it today

  • Hey Bret

    The dreaded picking the head up to have a peek is one I feel I need to work on more and more because when I don’t do it I hit a better shot.

    Another problem is looking to where you want to hit the ball rather than the contact – heeheehee This game of tennis looks easy but always a challenge.

  • So useful to have these two simple reminders…… wishing I was in Palm Desert or Rancho Mirage today! It is cold in No. California!!!!!!!!