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Whether your thing is singles or doubles or both ... most of your opponents want to end points by hitting a winner.

You know what ... let 'em try 

According to the current rankings, I've had my best calendar year so far ... certainly in singles. 

And what I've experienced more and more this year in both singles and doubles is how few 'winners' I've actually hit.

No, I'm not resorting to pure 'pushing', but I'm simply not missing very many standard rally balls, returns of serve, approach shots, volleys, overheads, 2nd serves, etc.

Meaning ... I'm putting & keeping the ball in play with bigger targets.

Meaning ... I'm OK with the feeling of staying in the point until a no brainer opportunity presents itself.

Meaning ... I'm as fit (if not fitter) than 99% of the guys so that I can stay out there as long as I need to get the job done.

Meaning ... I'm frequently putting myself into court positions that force my opponents to have to go for passing shots - winners.

And the bottom line is this. All of those things combined puts cumulative pressure on opponents to feel as if they need to end points sooner.

Go for it sooner than a no brainer opportunity presents itself for them.

I've taken a weakness - my forehand groundstroke - and figured out how to play a toppy high bouncing shot that has the biggest possible target.

High over the net with enough topspin (not Rafa like, but with that height over the net, you naturally get top) to bring it safely back down past the service line that ends up having a good upwards bounce that gets up & out of an opponent's strike zone.

That shot doesn't result in outright winners, and that was never my intention, BUT it does produce plenty of short balls that become those no brainer opportunities.

When we have a weakness in our game, it's pretty instinctive we want to hide it.

And one of the ways we do that is by going for too big of a shot too early in the point so that our weakness doesn't get exposed.

And the result is frequently ... an error. And mind warping frustration.

And that's what I feel has helped me compete at a higher level this year. 

I'm OK to stay in the point as long as I have to. I used to worry about my forehand groundie.

No more. 

I'm super content winning a huge majority of points by allowing an opponent to go for it early in the point.

What about you? Is there one shot in your game you're hoping won't get exposed?

What's on your mind?

Come on now ... get out THERE wherever you are and help someone else have a great day 


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