My Key To Life!

You know for me, one of the keys for me feeling productive, much more in touch with everything in my life, and just plain having a sense of well being is to crack a good sweat each and every day.

It doesn't happen literally every day, but darn close.

Besides that feeling of overall confidence, the fitness conditioning required for my tennis game, my weight stays where it should be, and it's also 'my time'.

My go to place to get crack a good sweat - cardio - is the stationary bike.

30 minutes.  5 minutes to warm up and then one minute cycles of easy, medium, and tough settings.  I'm pretty drenched at the end of those 30 minutes.

I love to then go out on the tennis court and finish up with a series of sprints, side to side steps, short backward sprints, forehand & backhand volley lunges, and then of course ... a good 15-20 minutes of stretching.

That stretching session really completes the crack a good sweat every day for me ;-)

If you feel the same ... here's where you can pick up your own "Crack A Good Sweat" t-shirt. 

And when you do, I'll give you one of my stroke technique video courses (you can choose from 7 different courses) as a way of saying thanks ;-)

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