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The Problem With 'Getting Ready To Get Ready'

I get stuck sometimes. I'll have something I want to get better at ...

So I do my research. I dig in.

I study.

And then ... I study some more. And yeah, I don't feel that I'm quite ready.

So I study some more ...

We've recently talked about how our practice sessions don't transfer over to our matches.

And yet some of us never even get out there to that 1st practice session.

We're forever 'getting ready to get ready ...'

We head over to youTube. Type in the search terms for what we want to get better at with our tennis game.

We're presented with a long list of instructional videos.

And then we get stuck in this endless loop.

We watch and watch and watch in attempt to get ready for whatever we think we need to do to improve.

Then we watch some more.

By that point are brains are so overloaded with concepts, tips, tricks ... that we're locked up with --- where in the heck do we start?

So, our confusion turns into thinking we're not done getting ready.

The prepping to get ready never ends.

If you've got the best intentions to get better at tennis, you're doing your research & study, but the reality is you're not taking action to deploy what you're learning, then yeah ... you can see where I'm going with this.

Put an end to do any more research, any more study, any more visualizing, any more whatever, and get out there on the practice court ... and start getting yourself bloodied.

So many of us want to practice but there's that voice saying if you do put yourself out there ... you're going to probably suck for awhile.

Or worse, do some permanent damage to an already flawed stroke 

Choose one concept, one pro, one video, one whatever it is, and just decide that's the one.

Start ...

You're going to mess up in the beginning.

You're not failing, but instead, you're getting valuable feedback that you can't get if you're stuck in that 'getting ready to get ready'.

The answers to your game are in the doing. Not the endless research.

What's on your mind?

Come on now ... get out THERE wherever you are and help someone else have a great day 


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