The Health Of Your Tennis Ego

Morning from the CA desert.  

Was thinking this morning about why most of us don't play as well in matches that count as opposed to when we practice ...

Or how come on some days, man, things just seem to 'feel' right out there, and then the next day, they don't.

I think it's pure and simple ... ego.  

We bring it front and center for whatever personal reason(s) we've built up over the decades.

We care soooooo much about the result of this point, of this set, of this match ... that you know what, we tighten up like a snare drum and can barely even see the dang ball.

I played 3 sets of so-called 'fun' doubles yesterday --- and frankly --- I was a bit bratty out there at times.


Not good ...

I'm not formally schooled in psychology, yet, I've had enough 'mental' experiences out there on the tennis court that I should have a PHD in this stuff ;-)

But maybe like you, I haven't learned all that I could've over the years about how to get my damn ego out of the equation when playing a match that counts or even some practice matches that count for zero ...

As you know from the videos I've sent you recently, the Mission Hills CC hosted the Crabel Capital Men's 60s Masters on their grass courts last week.

Some of the best tennis players in the world who are 60+.

And all of the fellas competed like crazy, but during the match, and especially after the match, some of the guys just had this look as if their ego was never involved.

Their personal identity was never wrapped up in the final result - win or lose.

Personal identity ... do we really need to think that our social identity is based on the result of this match?  Or the way we think of ourselves is based on the result of this match?

We gotta figure out why we're out there in the first place, and if it's because we need a dose of identity, then we're screwed ...

When we can get the ego out of this thing, then you know what, you relax and give yourself the best chance to play the game to the best of your abilities.

I don't have the quick answer to help you get your ego out of the way, but if you're struggling during --- and maybe even before & after your matches --- then I really want you to consider reading a couple of books.

"Ego Is The Enemy" by Ryan Holiday - click

"The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*CK" by Mark Manson - click

You know what ... this tennis thing?  You got it!  Make it a great day out there ;-)


Get yours today ;-)