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The Tennis Confidence Formula For Competitive Players

Building confidence into your tennis game should be focused on two areas of your game.

1 - What you do between points - 80% of the match

2 - What you do when you execute a shot 

This stuff takes practice on and off the court.  Put in the time for as long as it takes, and the payoff will be a feeling when you play that will make it so worth the time spent.



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  • Great advice as always, Brent (except the Van Morrison part lol – I seem to come up with Beattles tunes in my head). Nice shirt – and the racquet…. did you switch back to your Babolat??? I still haven’t gotten accustomed to seeing you with that huge Weed.

  • Hi Brent. Like your video . not too long , tips very good concise and clear.

  • In reference to using a few bars from a song to keep you on an even keel, Brent, I guess that’s what what I was unconsciously doing many years ago. When I was 15 I had a big win over the state under 16 champ and the whole match I had a song going through my head. It was “That’s Old Fashioned” – Everly Brothers – that’s how long ago it was.

    John C
  • Great Video packed full of wonderful suggestions. No doubt it will take practice but it will be worth it. I love the “Execution” spacing idea.

    Judy Wiegand
  • Great video as always!!! I knew there was more to like than just your helpful instruction. I had
    a VW BUS in in the 60’s stenciled The "Van " Morrison.

    Ron Atkinson