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The Tennis Confidence Formula For Competitive Players

Building confidence into your tennis game should be focused on two areas of your game.

1 - What you do between points - 80% of the match

2 - What you do when you execute a shot 

This stuff takes practice on and off the court.  Put in the time for as long as it takes, and the payoff will be a feeling when you play that will make it so worth the time spent.



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  • A fantastic video. Sincere and from the heart.

    Denis Beaulieu
  • Very good summary of the dynamics of play and concentration points. The background noise was not a problem at all. Just ignore and keep talking through.

  • You need to do another video for guys like me that cannot play a song in their own head. I need to know how to work on that. Somehow I have one son that can do it all the time and usually has a song playing constantly. I don’t think he got it from me

    Rick Kepler
  • Wonderful info, Brent. And of course, per Van Morrison, in Mai, you’ve got your brown-eyed girl. As you know, my preferred Morrison is Jim: no one here gets out alive. Beyond that, your between point rituals are tremendously clear, useful and something all of us can practice. I know I will — or at least I should. John Wooden would be proud of your great insights.

    Joel Drucker