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Your Tennis Pro Isn't 100% Of 'The Answer'

This tennis thing ain't easy ;-)

It takes a really dedicated player to make significant improvements to their game.

Dedication as in committing to one trusted source, doing EXACTLY what your trusted source says to do without trying to cherry pick here and there, resist the urge to reinvent the wheel, and then taking as long as it takes ...

Your trusted source is only about 20% of the learning curve.  

You've got to be the other 80%.  No way around it ...



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  • Brent, hope you and Mai had a nice Thanksgiving. This was one of your best posts with it’s practicality and emphasis on the work needed ethnic by us as player’s. Keep it coming and restock the WTRS t shirt inventory as I would like to have a couple.


    Casey Moore
  • If it is to be, it’s up to me (with a little help from Brent)!

  • Spot on!!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told my students ’ If the only time you play tennis is with me you can not learn to play the game’. I have been guilty of this myself the last 18 months or so. I will be getting back on track this off season with your help. I will be getting with you shortly about that phone
    call you were so kind to offer. Thanks again for all you do for tennis.

    Ron Atkinson
  • well put Brent- good thoughts- thank u for sharing

  • Your comments are appreciated by this tennis journeyman. Be the 80 percent is correct and so critical for improvement. Here is to enjoying the process and trusting that second half of the brain that makes this happen. I get it and drink the cool aid. Keep it up Brent.

    Andy Gustafson