Your Tennis Pro Isn't 100% Of 'The Answer'

This tennis thing ain't easy ;-)

It takes a really dedicated player to make significant improvements to their game.

Dedication as in committing to one trusted source, doing EXACTLY what your trusted source says to do without trying to cherry pick here and there, resist the urge to reinvent the wheel, and then taking as long as it takes ...

Your trusted source is only about 20% of the learning curve.  

You've got to be the other 80%.  No way around it ...



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  • Hi Brent, spot on, you’ve summarised tennis training!
    At most tennis clubs, there are only a handful of players who like to hit for practice. Majority warm up for few minutes and want to compete. So I organise 2 separate sessions, 1 for hitting and 1 for playing. But serving I mainly do by myself and figure it out by feel…..and I love it as the eureka moment just happens and then it’s autopilot!!
    Just to let you know , that next week I’m traveling to Glasgow, Scotland, to spend 2 days with Andy Murray and Roger Federer, for Andy’s Charity, very excited!!
    Take care, and keep up your great valuable work, cheers, Charlie

    Charlie from London