The Dirt Baller T-shirt Series

Quick Story About This Bold T-shirt ...

Hi, it's Brent Abel with, and I'm going to assume you've landed on this page because you LOVE to play on the clay ;-)

Me too ...

I was talking with a tennis buddy of mine recently about how much we love the clay, how it's such a different game than hard courts, and how it's so much easier on the body.

And he mentioned how cool it would be to have a T-shirt that showed our love for being a ... DIRT BALLER!

So I went online, held a design contest, found a design I liked, and here we are :)

If you don't know me, I've been teaching tennis for 45+ years.  The last 18 years online.

And like you, I'm a super competitive player.  Lots of tournaments, lots of leagues, and lots of those so-called 'for fun' matches!

I've been fortunate to win 7 national USA age group titles in both singles and doubles ...  so far.

My bride Mai and I have won 5 national Husband-Wife titles - 3 of those titles on clay :-)

So, yeah, I love the clay, the dirt, and I'm letting the world know it with this bold DIRT BALLER T-shirt design!

FREE Instructional Video Course

If you want to bravely show off your love for the clay, when you order a DIRT BALLER T-shirt, as a way of saying thanks ... I'll give you one of my online courses valued at $97 as a gift.

You can choose from 1 of 7 different stroke technique courses once your order is complete.

You'll also get free access to my online strategy series titled "What's The Right Shot?".

Select your DIRT BALLER t-shirt below (color & size) and let 'em know how you feel about your love for the clay ;-)